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Cat Macro Icons
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About the community
This community is a place to share your cat macro icons.

Please visit the community profile before posting and read the rules. There are just a few, but they're important!

October 2013
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Fritters [userpic]

I'm presenting here 40 Pusheen icons. I DID NOT ANIMATE THESE. They are from pusheen.com, which is awesome and fun and cute and you should visit it. Normally, I ask people to credit me in the keywords for the icons, but I MOSTLY just shrunk and optimized these, so if you want to fine, if not, fine. If you like any of these, though, check out pusheen.com.


15. 23. 34.

Forty Pusheen Icons.Collapse )

Comments are not required, but when I get nice comments, it lets me know what people actually like and use and that helps me make more of what you want ^_^

fisheye [userpic]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
for a few more and tons of other things, join re_cycled!

tink [userpic]

Hi guys!  I just started to really use my LJ account and join communities and all and I love your icons (and do make some myself from time to time) but I was wondering how do I go about giving credit for icons?  I mean there are a few here that I've seen and adored and want to use, but I don't want to offend and credit should be given for work and I know that icons can take time.  What is the proper way to go about giving credit on using them?

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Wenchy [userpic]

I made some Halloween lolcats icons for my own community and a friend who is a member here suggested that I post them. Images from ICHC, modified and iconized by me.

I'd be very grateful if you could credit me in your userpics so that others can find my graphics community. (Hope that's ok). Comments are always appreciated. =]

Christine Thomas [userpic]

Hey, gaiz. First time poster. All lolcats images and phrases taken from ICHC, so I take credit only for resizing, recoloring, and redoing the text!

over heer!

only @ waffletaxi;

bicbic [userpic]

All micros from ICHC. I had to re-write some of those using the blanks to make them look better in the 100x100 pixels size.

lolcats,icons icons,lolcats icons,lolcats icons,lolcats

( The rest here in my LJ )

bell_witch [userpic]

Most are modified versions of my macros.
1.Another wankfest?2.Eek sez fut the wuck3.FAIL tabby4.Howdy5.I heard dat
The rest under hereCollapse )

bell_witch [userpic]

All from my macros, though not just reduced because that never works. Available to anyone who wants them. Credit me if you feel like it--just don't say you made them if you don't want to credit me. I post macros at cat_macros
1.No private wankfest2.That ain't right3.D'oh!4.Gracias
Twelve more under the cut.Collapse )

She-Ra [userpic]

Hi - I tried turning this into an icon, but the words get too blurry. Any help would be appreciated!


compost75 [userpic]

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